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Maybe this is the ultimate question - “does my life have any real meaning or purpose? In our new secular culture (no longer defined from a religious foundation), a few people are bold enough to declare without hesitation - “none!” Most, however, go to considerable lengths to “create” purpose and meaning even though they freely declare the universe we live in completely meaningless - “it just exists….”

It seems most people are uncomfortable with the idea that life (THEIR life) has no purpose. So we create “purpose”. We can declare that “it is my purpose to teach my children” or “to end suffering” and agree that’s a good thing….but we all know that’s not what we’re really asking.

“Do I matter, does my life have purpose?” is not asking whether I can find worthwhile causes to devote my life, the question is asking whether I have a reason for “being” me. “DO I MATTER?” If I do nothing to end suffering, if I don’t have a significant job, if I don’t have kids (or do a rotten job)… if I’m just “me”… do I matter?

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Our parish results from the merger of All Saints and St. James Anglican Church

Services Sunday at 8:50am.  Daily Walk Sunday at 10:45am.

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God wants us to have purpose and hope

When Christians consider the question “do I have purpose?”, we start from a radical place, with something fundamental – we believe there is a God.

Everyone knows Christians believe in “God”, so why state the obvious? Because of the implications of that one proclamation:  If there is a God, there can be “purpose” within creation, within us; we have purpose because God created us for a purpose.

We believe God’s purpose is perfect and good – to know Him and His love. His love literally overcomes death. We believe our purpose is to know God and His perfect love, and then to share the love of God with others. Suddenly, we have real and eternal meaning.

And something great is unexpectedly born within us: we discover “I matter”. I matter not because of what I’ve done but because of who loves me.

We believe God has created purpose in all people. We believe all lives are have ultimate meaning. We believe YOU matter.

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